He wills, therefore we are.

One spring afternoon in Washington, DC, a question has just entered into my mind… what is the real reason why do I keep choosing to be a Christian? Why am I a Christian? What is the true answer to these question? Is it because I want to get into the heaven? Is it because I want to be good? Should the answer include “I” in it? Is Christianity a selfish belief? These initial answer candidates to my original questions are reply from my sinful ego. My quest to true answer pursue forward leaving my ego behind, as I drive along the highway. What is the answer to the question? I asked, “Lord Jesus, what is the true answer to this question you gave me? For thou knowest, please teach me.” Soon later as my eyes were entertained by the beautiful sight of cherry blossoms, I heard a voice in my heart, “It is just because of My Will.”

Suddenly I felt scales dropped from my eyes. “Right! I am because He wills.” He chose me to become a Christian, not I. As I realize this truth, I was lead to greater peace. My faith is not what my effort sustains, but He does. He is taking care of me! What a freedom and liberty! Alleluia!